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End Yokes

Pat's Driveline has the best selection of end yokes in the industry. We stock end yokes for all series from 1000 to 1810, in all specific OEM and specialty configurations. Whatever your need, be it wing bearing, traditional or an Ag application, Pat's Driveline has the part for you. Number of splines, length through hole, overall height and seal surface size can all be matched to meet your requirements. Pat's Driveline also has steering yokes for your steering components.

Slip Yokes

From traditional outboard slip yokes to inboard transmission connector yokes, Pat's Driveline has the part you need, when you need it. We carry various lengths and spline counts for 1210 to 1880 series drivelines. When you need a long travel slip yoke for that special project, Pat's Driveline has the answer for you.

Weld Yokes

Pat's Driveline inventories weld yokes for all sizes of tubing and all series of drivelines from 1000 to 1880. Specially machined and ready for welding, our selection of weld yokes will ensure the right part for any application.

Flange Yokes

Flange yokes are an important part of many truck-mounted applications and custom drive train designs. Pat's Driveline stocks all series of flange yokes with common bolt hole patterns. As well, Pat's Driveline can custom design, engineer and manufacture a flange yoke for your special application.

Yoke Shafts

A yoke shaft is a yoke and splined shaft combined for short coupled applications where length and clearance can be a factor. Pat's Driveline can assist to ensure your driveline meets your demands and is designed to perform and endure the loads to its peak efficiency.