Providing Driveline Solutions For Over 30 Years


Pat's Driveline manufactures and stocks all common OEM specified driveline parts, components and complete shafts. Our ready-to-ship inventory ensures minimal downtime. Our ISO 9001 certification of all processes, from material procurement to final tagging, guarantees a quality product every time, meeting and/or exceeding original equipment manufacturer's specifications.

Driveshaft Manufacturing

Our engineering technicians welcome all challenges big or small. We help the 4 X 4 enthusiast as well as the classic rebuilder. Pat's Driveline also assists manufacturing facilities, production mills and ski hills with their unique applications. Innovators consult with our staff looking for solutions to complex challenges.



Irregular drivelines cause equipment misalignment, inefficient duty cycles and premature failures. To avoid such situations, driveshafts need to be properly and precisely balanced. Pat's Driveline balances driveshafts at actual operating speeds from 500 to 3600 rpm. Our DRS Dynamic Balancer precisely balances the entire range of driveshafts from low speed industrial shafts to high rpm truck and automotive shafts.


Flywheel Grinding

Changing your clutch is only half of the job. Proper clutch engagement requires the flywheel surface to be smooth and free of imperfections. To ensure the integrity of the flywheel, stress fractures and heat damage are analyzed. Pat's Driveline uses only Diamond grit stones to restore any size flywheel to its original surfacing.


Custom/Specialty Machining

Industry requires innovation. With innovation comes customization. Pat's Driveline has the design, engineering and manufacturing capacity to tackle all challenges. Big or small, all applications create their own distinct obstacles. Pat's Driveline has the solution.


RV Towing and Installation

Towing a vehicle behind a motor home is very common. The easiest and most convenient way to tow is by utilizing a Remco towing package. Remco products allow you to tow without having to resort to using a dolly. Pat's Driveline is the authorized warehouse distributor and installer for the Remco line of products and accessories.


After Hours Service

Breakdowns and equipment failures do not have a schedule. Pat's Driveline knows how important your time is. Our After Hours Service, available at all locations, ensures your downtime is minimal and your productivity is maximized.