Industrial Driveline & Universal Shaft Expertise

Pats Driveline Industrial DivisionPat's Driveline is Canada's largest driveshaft company with over 20 years of experience in industrial drivelines. We offer a wide range of driveline solutions for pulp and paper, wastewater treatment plants, steel mills, mobile equipment, marine drives, ski lifts and mining and oilfield applications such as fracing.


Application Expertise

Pat's Driveline IndustrialPat's Driveline will handle any universal shaft application including Pulp & Paper Mills, OSB Plants, Steel Mills, Recycling Shredder Facilities, Wastewater Pumping as well as Marine. We also provide service for shafts found in Roller Coasters, Ski Lifts and a large variety of Manufacturing Plants. Many types of Construction, Mining and Container Handling equipment (primarily European manufactured mobile equipment) also utilize GWB driveshafts which Pat's Driveline carries as the exclusive Distributor & Service Centre in Western Canada.