Agricultural Constant Velocity Heads

Constant velocity joints are used when higher operating angles are experienced at one end of the PTO shaft vs the other. Generally this is found at the tractor end, due to the design of the machinery. The CV joint ensures a smooth running PTO shaft free of vibration and noise. Constant velocity joints can be replaced on the existing power take-off shafts if all other components are in good condition. Replacement parts are also available if you are changing the tractor output spline or you wish to repair the constant velocity driveshaft.

Constant Velocity Joint Types:

  • CV Joints are available in 50, 70, 80 degree operating ranges.
  • They are available specific to the PTO driveshaft brand, or as a complete replacement PTO shaft assembly.


  • Round Balers, Augers, Manure Spreaders, Mower Conditioners, Tub Grinders

Our inventory includes popular brands such as:

  • Weasler
  • Bondioli & Pavesi
  • Eurocardan
  • Benzi
  • Walterscheid
  • Comer