Automotive CV Joints & Kits

In order for a driveline to operate with low Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), the transmission of torque and speed must be done smoothly and consistently. To accomplish this thru a difference of operating angles, Constant Velocity Joints are often used. There are many types of Constant Velocity Joints used in automotive driveshaft designs. The common two are:

  • Double Cardan Constant Velocity Joint
  • Rzeppa or “High Speed” Constant Velocity Joint

Pat’s Driveline has the CV Joint components, repair parts and assemblies required to keep your Constant Velocity Driveshaft operating smoothly. We have an extensive inventory for both Domestic and Import vehicles as well as conversion parts for many applications.

  • Double Cardan Style CV Joint
    • Universal Joints
    • Centering Ball Kits
    • CV Centering Kit Seals and Boots
    • CV Joint Components
      • Ball Stud Tube Weld Yokes
      • Socket Tube Weld Yokes
      • Socket Flange Yokes
      • Center Yokes
      • Centering Yoke Assembly
      • Centering Pin Yoke
      • CV Slip Yokes and End Yokes
    • CV Joint Head Assemblies
      • Flanged Design
      • End Yoke Design
    • High Speed CV Joint
      • Boot Kits
      • CV Joint Cage & Balls
      • Snap Rings
      • CV Joint assembly

Pat’s Driveline can custom modify Constant Velocity Joint components to fit your custom application. The addition of a CV Joint is a great solution for modified 4X4 drivelines to tolerate changes in operating angles due to lift kits. There are many components available to apply CV Joints to popular 4wd applications and others can be custom fabricated.

Pat’s Driveline inventories Double Cardan and High Speed CV Joint components and assemblies from quality brands such as Neapco, Spicer, Quality Gear, Rockford Drive Line, Powertrain Industries, GKN, Cornay and other OEMs.