Agricultural Quick Disconnect Yokes

The quick disconnect yoke allows you to easily attach the PTO driveshaft the to tractor or implement. It is engaged on the tractor’s PTO shaft by an interfering quick disconnect pin, cog or balls. All of the manufacturers that we support provide such yokes for their PTO driveshafts.

Quick Disconnect Yokes are available that utilize the following attachment methods:

  • Push pins with either single or double pins
  • Slide Collars that use balls or cogs that lock in the shaft groove
  • Auto Lock devices which are especially good on heavy shafts. They are designed so you don’t need to hold the disconnect device to engage the yoke onto the PTO shaft.


  • Any pieces of equipment that is used intermittently will use a power take off shaft that has a quick disconnect yoke on the tractor end and/or the implement end.