Agricultural Safety Shields

Safety shields have retainers or bearings that are generally made of durable, UV resistant plastic that allows it to freely rotate around the outside of the PTO driveline.

They are available for standard drivelines as well as for constant velocity shafts. There may be a separate guard for the constant velocity joint.

As a safety measure, shields are often chained to a stationary item at each end to prevent it from rotating with the driveline. The safety shield must be in good working order for any machine to be operated.


  • Although there are several types of shields, most brand of PTO drivelines share groove sizes where the shield bearings are retained. There are some universal shield sizes that cover a few driveline sizes with only the shield bearings changing.
  • Shields should remove and reinstall easily after a driveline repair. Replacement shields, for all drivelines, are available to make the installation and use easy.


  • All power take off drivelines that are attached to the tractor’s PTO shaft must have a safety shield covering. This guard must spin freely from the driveshaft itself, so that if contacted, it will stop turning.

All the brands that we support provide replacement safety shields that fit their PTO driveshafts. Several companies provide universal safety shields that fit a variety of different brand shafts. The various brands of shields must be used with its own shield bearings as these won’t interchange between shield brands.