Neapco Performance Driveshafts

At Pat’s Driveline we are proud to be able to offer the Neapco® Performance Series carbon fiber driveshaft system. The only carbon fiber driveshaft manufactured as a matched system, utilizing OEM design disciplines. The system facilitates exact matching of all driveshaft components to yield the most capable system and user confidence.

Neapco, a US-based world leader in OEM and aftermarket driveline products and systems since 1921, has partnered with Composite Drivelines to offer the aftermarket’s only matched carbon fiber driveshaft system for ultimate strength, fatigue resistance, and durability. Each component is engineered, optimized, and validated using proprietary finite element analysis (FEA) and extensive physical testing of components and assemblies. The driveshafts are assembled with a proprietary bonding technology protected by multiple patent-pending innovations. Neapco is a world-leader in engineering, manufacturing, and validation capabilities that provide a powerhouse of driveline solutions.

Benefits include:

  • Advanced yoke and bonded connection designs are optimized for maximum adhesion, strength, durability, and overall performance.
  • Carbon fiber filaments are precision wound and layered for axial stiffness, torsional strength, and critical speed.
  • FEA performance tested in a broad spectrum of applications to ensure driveshafts far exceed their rated capacity.
  • Undergoing SFI Foundation Certification for sanctioned body qualification.
  • Speed and ease of assembly prioritized in new designs. Consistent and secure bonds can be created using the patent pending adhesive injection process, while ensuring precise centering and industry leading torque capability.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber delivers the three times the strength of steel at half the weight. For a driveshaft, this means the critical speed can be increased significantly. It also allows for driveshaft tube diameter reduction, helping solve difficult packaging issues with tight chassis clearance, while also maintaining or increasing torque capacity.

The Advantages Are:

  • Reduced rotating mass – On average half the weight of steel tubes, which helps cars get off the line faster.
  • Higher critical speed – Increased strength for higher rotational speeds and longer driveshaft lengths.
  • Easier packaging – Smaller diameter driveshafts fit in confined chassis spaces, without reducing torque capacity.
  • Improved dynamics – Inherent flexibility delivers enhanced driveline compliance, reducing driveline stress.

Fine Tune Chassis Dynamics

Neapco Performance Series carbon fiber driveshafts allow for different rates of absorption of torque spike, a common cause of drivetrain damage. This selectable feature can be used to fine-tune chassis dynamics. Leveraging advanced fiber winding engineering, technology, and the industries most advanced equipment, Neapco offers carbon fiber driveshafts with industry-first, builder-selectable compliance rates.

Four variations of wind allow race teams the ability to fine tune their driveshaft for optimal hook into the track by simply swapping shafts to match chassis setups, track conditions, weather changes, and driver feel preferences. Four options are available: one base spec, one stiffer, and two levels of progressively greater torque spike absorption.

TrackHook Chart

STIFF – Best for tracks that have optimum / ideal track preparation – or when the driver wants to increase the ease of breaking traction.

STANDARD – For normal tracks, designed as the go-to solution.

FLEX – For poorly prepped tracks, or ideal street conditions. This wind increases the protection of powertrains on rough or irregular surfaces when operating under high loads.

SUPER-FLEX – For regular to poor street prep conditions. This wind allows extreme compliance and protection when drivers need to handle high shift loading, such as competition rock climbing and hard launching.

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